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Behind the Drive: 99 Inspiring Stories from the Life of an American Entrepreneur

Bryan Miller

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Ninety-nine stories about Larry H. Miller told by those who knew him well, including family members, NBA players, childhood friends, governors, senators, neighbors, employees, and business competitors.


Bryan Miller is using his new book about his father, Larry H. Miller, to draw attention to diabetes, a disease that affects more than 29 million people nationwide and is a growing health concern in our community. Larry Miller’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 64 from complications due to type 2 diabetes. Larry’s death from a manageable disease had a profound affect on Bryan and the Miller family. “Before he died, my dad had his legs amputated below the knees. When I saw this once powerful and imposing businessman lying in a hospital bed, I asked myself, 'Is this man successful? Is this the price of success?' ” Bryan states in the introduction to Behind the Drive. The pursuit of the answers to those questions led Bryan to research and collect the stories found in the book, as well as challenge the current notions of what success is and what it should be.


Larry H. Miller played by his own rules.Owner of an NBA franchise and founder of one of the country's largestautomotive retail groups, Larry was a college dropout who went on to buyor build nearly 100 businesses. Having started his career behind theservice counter of an auto parts store, Larry became known as amasterful entrepreneur, a self-made billionaire, and a philanthropist.But he was so much more.

Behind the Drive contains 99 uplifting and untold stories from every aspect and era of Larry's life. Contributors range from NBA legends to religious officials, business moguls to political leaders, employees to childhood friends, and colleagues to competitors.

These stories of an "ordinary-yet-extraordinary" man will inspire readers to find and live their own greatness by following Larry's example of working hard at something he loved, applying his God-given talents in service to others, and allowing his life to be guided by something greater than himself. This book is a guide for anyone who wishes to find success and make contributions in today's busy world.

432 pages, hardcover

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