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SET: Diabetes Clinician Reference Set #2

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Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: Medical treatment induced iatrogenic hypoglycemia s a serious risk. Critical education for diabetes healthcare providers! Meeting the Standards of Care can improve patient's metrics for glycemic, lipid,and blood pressure outcomes



These clinical references are critical for treating medically induced latrogenic hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and for improving the metrics of diabetes outcomes. Hypoglycemia in Diabetes focuses on the prevention and treatment of hypoglycemia with careful attention to glycemic management of diabetes. Meeting the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care is an effective guide to improve the metrics (glycemic, lipid, blood pressure) of diabetes care.

  • 5443-11 Meeting the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care
  • 5441-01 Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: Pathophysiology, Prevalence, and Prevention


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