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Are You a Member of the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program?

Our publications are of the highest medical standards designed to help you in your passion for showing people with diabetes how to manage their disease and improve their quality of life.

Titles such as the newly updated Life with Diabetes 5th edition, the Choose Your Foods series co-published with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and our Medical Management series, are invaluable resources you’ll want to have handy.

Here's how you can acquire these essential books and receive your exclusive ERP 40% discount on any of our consumer and professional book titles.

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ERP discounts apply to both consumer and professional titles. Excludes merchandize, such as gifts, accessories, apparel, and gear. Also excludes e-books, patient education, and handouts.
Life with Diabetes, 5th Edition
Retail: $89.95
ERP Member Price: $53.97

Choose Your Foods Food Lists
Retail: $88.00
ERP Member Price: $52.80

•	Practical Carbohydrate Counting: A How-to-Teach Guide for Health Professionals
Retail: $22.95
ERP Member Price: $13.77

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Choose Your Foods-Exchange Lists for Diabetes

Choose Your Foods: Food Lists for Weight Management
Retail: 25 pk $88.00
ERP Member Price: $52.80

More patient education handouts
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P.S. – Did you know? When you purchase books directly from the American Diabetes Association, you are helping support critical research, education and advocacy efforts. Last year alone, the Association funded more than $34.6 million towards diabetes research. Your purchases help us in our fight to Stop Diabetes®.

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