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eBooks FAQs

Now Available from the American Diabetes Association: eBooks!

Now you can read eBook versions of nearly every American Diabetes Association book published, including new releases and existing favorites. Enjoy the same authoritative content you've come to expect, now in a format that's flexible, affordable and convenient.

With eBooks, you can carry a library of diabetes resources right in your pocket! Since eBooks are delivered straight to your computer, you can access the information you need right away at a more affordable price. No more waiting! No more paying for shipping! And, as always, when you buy directly from, the proceeds fund our efforts to Stop Diabetes® and improve the lives of millions affected by diabetes.

While eBooks are becoming more and more popular, many buyers have questions about what eBooks are and how they work.

The following are some frequently asked questions and answers:

What Are eBooks?
Where Do I Find eBooks on
How Do I Purchase an eBook?
How Do I Read an eBook Purchased from
What Happens If There Is a Problem During Download? Can I Download the File Again?
What Devices Will Work with eBooks Purchased from
Where Do I Go if I Need Help?
I Can't Find the Title I'm Looking For. Why Isn't It Available?

What Are eBooks?

eBooks are digital versions of print books specifically designed to be read on eReaders, mobile devices, computers and other electronic devices. While some eBooks are presented as PDFs that retain the format of the original book, most are redesigned to offer readers the ability to change the font, type size and formatting of the book.

The American Diabetes Association offers nearly all of its eBooks in the widely adopted ePub format, which means that it's compatible with most devices on the market today and will remain compatible with most future devices. Read more on compatibility.

Kindle Owners!

Please note that the Amazon Kindle reader will only read files from the Kindle Store.
Until Amazon makes the decision to support the ePub format, eBooks purchased from will not be compatible with the Kindle. 

Where Do I Find eBooks on

There are a number of ways to find eBooks on There are eBook subcategories in the "Diabetes Books" and "For Health Care Professionals" section. Additionally, eBooks are organized with their print counterparts in the appropriate categories throughout the store. Finally, if you know the name of the title of the book you want, you can type that into the search field and add the word "ePub"; the appropriate title should appear in the search results.

How Do I Purchase an eBook?

eBooks are set up in like any other product. Simply add the book to your shopping cart, along with any other items you may have selected, and proceed through the checkout process.

Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email confirming your order and thanking you for joining the effort to Stop Diabetes® with your purchase.

Within 30 minutes of this email, you will receive another email titled " eBook Delivery Email" This will contain the download information for your eBook purchase. Once you receive this email, follow the instructions outlined in the section "How Do I Read an eBook Purchased from" below to download and activate your eBook.

Please note that eBooks, PDFs, and other digital products are not eligible for returns.

How Do I Read an eBook Purchased from

Depending on what reading device you would like to use to view your eBook, there are two methods for downloading and activating your eBook:
1) Reading on a computer or authorized reading device.
2) Reading on an iOS device from Apple (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad).

Important! To open and activate an eBook from the American Diabetes Association, you will need to install the free Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer and create an Adobe ID.

If you do not currently have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, click here, and follow the installation instructions.

After installation, you will be prompted to create an Adobe ID with a user name and password. Please keep track of this information, as you will need it to authorize eBooks, eReaders and reading apps.

How Do I Activate a Book for Reading on My Computer or eReader (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc.)?

1) Ensure that Adobe Digital Editions has been properly installed and that you have an active Adobe ID.(See above.)
2) Once you've received the email with the links to your eBook downloads, click on the link for the format you would prefer.
3) Your computer will then ask you if you would like to save the file or open it; select "Open the file." This will prompt Adobe Digital Editions to open and download the appropriate files to your machine.

Once this is complete, the eBook is activated and ready to read on your computer!

Adobe Digital Editions allows users to transfer eBooks to up to 6 authorized devices. If you would like to copy your eBook to an eReader device, such as a Nook or Kobo, follow the instructions that came with your eReader for authorizing that device with Adobe Digital Editions. Once this has been done, you can copy your eBook file to your authorized eReader by simply dragging and dropping the file to the eReader icon in Adobe Digital Editions.

How Do I Activate a Book for Reading on an iOS Device (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad)?

1) Download, install, and authorize the BeyondPrint Reader App from the Apple iTunes app store on your device.
2) When you first open the app, you will be asked to authorize the device with your Adobe ID. (Click here for Adobe Download Instructions.) (For instructions on authorizing at a later time, please visit here.)
3) Open the email with the download links on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
4) Click on the link in the email titled "For iPad or iPhone Users Only." This will launch the BeyondPrint Reader, which will automatically load and authorize your eBook. Now you're ready to read!

What Happens If There Is a Problem During Download? Can I Download the File Again?

If there is a problem during download or the file does not download properly, you can return to the download email at any time to re-download your eBook file. You may also download to both your computer and an iOS device.

Keep in mind, though, that you may only authorize your eBook on 6 devices, so while there is no limit to the number of times you can download your eBook file, there is a limit to the number of devices on which you can read it.

What Devices Will Work with eBooks Purchased from

eBooks from the American Diabetes Association are compatible with nearly every eReader on the market today, including smart phones and tablets. And because American Diabetes Association eBooks are available in the industry standard ePub format, the list of compatible devices will continue to grow and grow.

See a list of all devices compatible with ePub and Adobe Digital Editions.

Reminder to Kindle Owners! The Amazon Kindle reader will only read files from the Kindle Store. Until Amazon makes the decision to support the ePub format, eBooks purchased from will not be compatible with the Kindle. To purchase American Diabetes Association eBooks in the Kindle format, please visit the Kindle Store on your computer or Kindle device.

Where Do I Go if I Need Help?

If you need help downloading, loading, or reading an eBook from, please contact one of our support representatives by either calling 1-800-232-6733 or e-mailing

For help with Adobe Digital Editions, please visit:

For help with the BeyondPrint Reader app, please visit:

I Can't Find the Title I'm Looking For. Why Isn't It Available?

The American Diabetes Association is hard at work converting existing titles and new releases to the eBook format. If you're looking for an older title, chances are we're in the process of getting it converted and should have it available soon. New titles will be released as eBooks either at the same time or shortly after the print version is released.

However, a number of American Diabetes Association book titles do not lend themselves well to eBook conversion and may not be available immediately (for instance, cookbooks or illustrated books) or may eventually be released in a different format. Additionally, some titles may have copyright restrictions that prevent us from creating electronic versions of the book.