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The Healthy Home Cookbook

Barbara Seelig-Brown

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Learn to cook for everyone in this guide to making healthy, delicious meals specifically for parties, celebrations, entertaining, and other group gatherings.


There is nothing more enticing than the smell of Thanksgiving dinner emanating from the kitchen as a group of your closest family and friends gather around the dinner table. From special occasions with family to weeknight dinners with friends, many fun, heartwarming memories are made while gathered around a home-cooked meal. Designed around the notion that everyone should enjoy hearty family favorites and adventurous party bites, The Healthy Home Cookbook features recipes that are flavorful and satisfying, yet healthy. Now anyone looking to entertain guests can prepare a guilt-free spread with dishes that everyone will enjoy.

The Healthy Home Cookbook helps the home chef make entertaining more fun and less daunting. Whether it's a dinner party, Italian night, meatless Mondays, brunch, or any other celebration, you can make every occasion an instant classic.

©2013 American Diabetes Association
8" x 9", softcover, 224 pages, including many 4-color photographs throughout

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