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Continuous Quality Improvement for Diabetes Education and Support Programs, 3rd Edition


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Provides the context for CQI in DSME&S programs while stepping you through the process of selecting, implementing, and evaluating an effective CQI project.


A must have for DSME&S program managers and staff!   CQI for Diabetes Education and Support Programsprovides the context for CQI in DSME&S programs while stepping youthrough the process of selecting, implementing and evaluating aneffective CQI project.  Case studies provide examples of projectsrelevant to DSME&S programs. Appendices include worksheets to use inyour planning process, an easy-to-understand review of analytic toolsand methods to incorporate into your project, and a quick comparison ofthe distinctions between a CQI process and a research process to keepyour project focused and on track.

©2015, American Association of Diabetes Educators
3rd Edition; 92 pages

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