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The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook, 2nd Edition (ePub)

Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN

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ePub Version. Spotlighting fresh, natural foods and diabetes-friendly cooking methods, for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Palate-pleasing meals and snacks packed with great taste and nutrients—not preservatives and processed ingredients.


[This is the eBook version of this book, delivered in the ePub format. To read this eBook, you will need Adobe Digital Editions installed on your machine. NOTE: Third party eBooks are not compatible with the Amazon Kindle Reader.]

The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook puts the spotlight on fresh, natural foods and diabetes-friendly cooking methods—for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The result is a collection of palate-pleasing meals and snacks—ranging from classic comfort foods to more exotic fare—that are packed with great taste and nutrients rather than preservatives and processed ingredients. Delight your taste buds with over 150 delectable, natural dishes and learn how to lose those artificial ingredients and let amazing flavor shine through.

In this newly revised edition you'll find:

  • Vegetarian and Quick-to-Fix Recipes
  • Tips for Achieving High Flavor
  • No-Fuss Cooking and Baking Tips
  • Diabetes-Friendly Substitution List 
  • 16 Seasonal Menus
©2015, Jacqueline Newgent, RD
360 pages, 16 four-color photos

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