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Micro-Pop Popcorn Maker

Now: $16.99 Original Price: $24.99

Pop perfect popcorn in 3 minutes with the Micro Popcorn Popper!


With heat resistant borosilicate glass and an optimized shape pops more and burns less. The cleverly designed lid also serves as a way to measure and evenly distribute any ingredient. No more starting and stopping the microwave checking if your popcorn is completely popped. With this Glass Popcorn Popper, your popcorn will be entirely popped in just 3 min. No burning!
MICROWAVE USE: Designed for microwave use, fits 99% of all home microwaves. The convenient, easy, healthy way to make popcorn. Just pour in kernels, put the popcorn popper in the microwave and enjoy! 100% BPA Free and dishwasher safe. 

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