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  • Diabetes: How to Help

    Diabetes: How to Help

    Gary Scheiner & Diane Herbert

    Living with diabetes is complicated and challenging. Managing diabetes requires appropriate support from those surrounding the person with diabetes: partners, family members, friends, coworkers, and caregivers. Diabetes: How to Help will address both know

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  • The Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care Manual

    The Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care Manual

    Jamie Wood, MD, and Anne Peters, MD

    Guides you through the different phases of life with type 1 diabetes, including: basics of type 1 diabetes; blood glucose goals; diabetes care team; nutrition and physical activity; complications; and special considerations for different age groups.

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  • Diabetes & Pregnancy: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

    Diabetes & Pregnancy: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

    David A. Sacks, MD, Editor

    Pregnancy is an exciting time of change and expectation. Now is the time to take charge of your health so you and your baby can have the healthiest, happiest lives possible.

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  • ADA Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes, 3rd Edition

    ADA Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes, 3rd Edition

    Jean Betschart Roemer, MN, MSN, CRNP, CDE

    In this newly revised third edition, parents will learn how to help their child adjust insulin, have a busy schedule and still feel healthy, negotiate the twists and turns of being "different," accept the many challenges life has to offer, and much more.

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  • Subscription/Membership - 2 Year

    Subscription/Membership - 2 Year

    A 2-year subscription/membership that includes 12 bi-monthly issues of Diabetes Forecast® in both print and digital formats. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your first issue of the magazine.
    Or try our 1 year subscription to Diabetes Forecast for only $10!

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